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Folk Superlative are visual creatives Tof Zapanta, AJ Omandac, Mica Cabildo, Zeus Bascon, and Kat Medina.
The young collective draws on backgrounds in art, music, fashion, illustration, and graphic design to work on collaborative projects.

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Secret Fresh’s year opener for 2012 is an exhibit of poster art created by Manila’s top and up and coming graphic designers and artists who also venture into illustration.  The show opening this January 8 Sunday at 6 PM is entitled AGIT POP! Post-Its To The Post Apocalypse and showcases their poster designs which imagines them as message boards to a future world promising utopic  visions in the aftermath of an imagined anticipated holocaust as prodded by the much Mayan calendar footnoting of the year 2012. Reversing the doomdsday prophesies, the posters present instead a possibility beyond such eventuality, speculating on the premise of a promised renewed world or the unfulfillment of such in a rather dystopia.

The line up of artists for this show is composed of JP Cuison,  Dina Gadia, D.O.T. , Folk Superlative, Electrolychee, 27 + 20,  Dee Grayson, AJ Dimarucot, Paulo Reyes, Russell Vergara, Wes Valenzuela, Mimi Tecson, A.lien, Dang Sering, Jackie Millonado and Jay Mitra.

The show runs from January 8 Sunday at 6PM at the Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, and ends on the 27th of the month. 

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